Affiliate Program

Love working on your Excursion? You can now make money for something you're already doing. Excursion Club is an Amazon Affiliate, and we want to partner up with the community to create and share knowledge, as well has generating some passive income to fund our addiction. 

How it Works

Apply with us to be an affiliate. Once approved, you can start reviewing the products you've purchased for your Ex, this can be a typed out review or a video review. We'll give you an affiliate link for the product on Amazon, and if someone uses your link and goes to Amazon, you'll receive a commission on ALL purchases made (not just the product). 

Commission amount is determined by the product and product category. Excursion club will pay you 50% of the affiliate commission.


You post a review on side mirrors, we put the review on the Excursion Club site along with a dedicated affiliate link. Traffic will then be directed to the review organically and potentially through paid advertising. If a user clicks the link and visits Amazon and makes a purchase for $1,000, and the commission is 10%, you would receive $50 and Excursion Club would receive $50. 

The link will remain on the page indefinitely, so commissions would be paid on ALL purchases generated from the link.